Extreme Greens

Fighting against extreme green job-killers

Lawfare – abusing the law

Lawfare is the term given to the actions that abuse the legal system in order to achieve a political outcome. It is like warfare using the legal system as a weapon. The tactic is a favourite tool of the extreme greens who oppose just about any job-creating industry but the coal industry, in particular, comes under repeated attacks. The aim is to delay projects with frivolous legal action to the point where project proponents simply pack up and go to another country. Watch George Christensen speak on a motion about lawfare in parliament here:

Most often, the people conducting lawfare and trying to prevent central and North Queensland from creating jobs live thousands of kilometres away in another state, such as these protesters on the drive into Parliament House in Canberra:

Carmichael Coal Project

The Carmichael Coal Project promises 10,000 jobs in Central/North Queensland with enormous benefits to the economy of Queensland and contributions to State and Federal revenue through taxes and mining royalties. The town of Bowen (service centre for Abbot Point) is in desperate need of jobs and an economic boost. Dozens of businesses have folded or gone broke waiting for the port expansion and related mine and rail projects. The project has faced continual uncertainty and delays resulting from campaigns and legal challenges from environmental activists whose real concern is the coal industry in general (no genuine concern about the reef).

Fixing the problem

If Northern Australia is to develop and continue to prop up the Australian economy, legislation preventing the use of lawfare needs to be reintroduced to the parliament and passed by both houses.

Do you support legislation to prevent the abuse of the Australian legal system by environmental groups? Let us know what you think here.