Job Creation

What we’re doing to create jobs

North Queensland has been through a rough transition in recent years as we move out of a booming mining services-based economy to a more diverse, yet still sustainable, economy. Jobs are our number one requirement and the battle to secure more continues because a job does much more than just put bread and butter on the table; it builds worth and boosts self-esteem.

Restoring the economy

Restoring our economy by standing against negative outside influences who want to tell us what is best for our region has been a hard-fought battle but one that we must see through. The Dawson electorate is a resilient community with rich diversity. We have outstanding primary produce – sugar, horticulture, fishing and aquaculture – and we boast premium tourism attractions which are among the best in the world. The mining boom has also equipped us with great experience in skilled manufacturing. We have skills, we have industries and we have opportunities to get back to full economic recovery. But we also need strong leadership and fierce local advocacy, as well as sound economic management from a Federal Government to see that potential realised.

Jobs plan for North Queensland

In 2016, George Christensen produced a Job Plan for North Queensland, outlining actions to create new jobs and new industries in the North.

  • Support for the mining industry – our major economic driver – including construction of the Carmichael Coal Project and related rail line and port expansion to open up the Galilee Basin.
  • Tackling green “lawfare” and extreme green groups using endless legal challenges to delay projects in the hope they become unviable;
  • Investment in water infrastructure, including pre-construction works for Urannah Dam, raising the Burdekin Falls Dam wall, and expanding the Burdekin-Haughton channel;
  • Enabling the development of a superyacht industry in the Whitsundays;
  • Support for airports in Mackay and the Whitsundays wanting to introduce international flights;
  • Major Bruce Highway projects, such as the Mackay Ring Road ($565 million) and replacing the Haughton River Bridge;
  • Establishing a Regional Jobs Investment Package for the Bowen Basin region;