Mining Support

Mining is the most crucial industry for the economies of North and Central Queensland, not to mention the state and national finances. However, the mining industry, especially coal, has increasingly come under attack from groups who dislike capitalism, democracy, industry and people earning a decent living through hard work. While many or fringe-dwelling extreme greens and eco-terrorists, we now see those who staked their reputation on standing up for the worker acting to put those workers out of a job – including the Australian Labor Party and the unions.

Labor and unions have abandoned mine workers:

Support for mining

By standing up for the resources industry and coal projects, the Liberal National Government is standing up for workers and their families. Liberal National support of the coal industry and the Carmichael Coal Project has been unwavering and the Australian Government is committed to the billions of dollars in investment and the 10,000 jobs the project will bring to the economy.

Support for jobs

While Labor, the Greens, the unions, and GetUp! think shutting down the mining industry will force the economy to diversify, the Liberal National Government has maintained support for mining while encouraging diversified industries at the same time. The Australian Government backed up its support for the mining industry with a program to specifically support jobs in the Bowen Basin region. The $30 million Regional Investment and Jobs Package for the Bowen Basin was a commitment made prior to the 2016 election and applications closed in August 2017. The program aimed to drive economic growth and create jobs by investing in projects that would; diversify regional economies; stimulate long-term growth; deliver sustainable employment; and enable applicants to enter new markets and sectors.

Power the North

To further support the coal industry and to create a more competitive environment for other industries, George Christensen is driving a campaign to build a clean coal power station in North Queensland. The power station would use high quality coal, which we have in abundance, and would put downward pressure on electricity prices, creating jobs both during and after construction.

Take action

Show your support for the coal industry and jobs by signing the petition for Power The North.